ISM Publisher

ISM Publisher

ISM Publisher is a word processing application that comprises ISM Office
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The all new ISM, version 6, is even more powerful and versatile than ever before. Word processing, database applications, web based applications, publishing or even custom built software - nothing is beyond its preview.

Comprising ISM Office, ISM Publisher and ISM Soft the ISM family meets precise needs of diverse user groups.

Supporting 19 Indian languages besides English, the ISM range has a colossal collection of designs, clip arts and is packed with a multitude of user friendly features.

All crafted to take you impeccably to the subsequently echelon of Indian language computing at a click.

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: I found a problem with Tamil typing in inscript keyboard overlay. All other languages are working well.

    If there is a problem with one of the modules, then I recommend you to reinstall the application and perform a reconfiguration. It's possible that a file might be corrupted or a registry item affected by another program's installation.

    However, there are multiple tutorials available through Google Search where you can see what to do with the Tamil language module.

    Google Search:

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